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Bigg Boss Kannada 3(BBK3) 2015 is the third season of the Kannada reality television series of Bigg Boss Kannada. It will be aired on the channel Colors Kannada from October 25th, 2015. Sudeep will be the host of Bigg Boss Kannada season 3.

The first season of Bigg Boss Kannada was aired on ETV Kannada and the second season on Suvarna TV. The third season will be telecast on Colors Kannada.

Bigg Boss has its own house from this season as Bigg Boss house shifted from Lonavala, Maharashtra location to Bengaluru. House is bigger than from Hindi version of Bigg Boss and it is constructed near Innovative Film City near Bengaluru. Bigg Boss Kannada season 3 will telecast on Colors Kannada from October 25.

Bigg Boss Kannada season 3 2015 Contestants list:

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Tsunami Kitty

He is the winner of show “Indian”. He is also the winner of “Thaka Dhimi Tha Dancing Star 2” .

Pooja Gandhi (Mungaaru Male)

She is a well-known face and has acted in more than 40 movies in multiple languages.

Ravi Murur

Ravi Murur is a singer and music composer.

Rehman Haseeb

He is a popular TV news presenter from TV 9.

RJ Nethra

Nethra is a radio jockey and works for Radiocity 91.1.

Bhavana Belagare

She is a TV host and wife of actor Srinagar Kitty and the daughter of journalist-writer Ravi Belagere.

Huccha Venkat

Huccha Venkat is an actor, director and producer and made movie “Huccha Venkat”.

Neha Gowda

Neha Gowda is a Lakshmi Baramma television show actress. Shruthi She is a famous senior actress.


She got fame with movie “Rambo”.

Chandan Kumar

Model-turned-actor, Chandan Kumar got fame with the television serial “Lakshmi Barramma”.


She is also television actress, acted in “Radha Kalyana”.


Aiyappa is a cricketer, who played for Karnataka team in Ranji and other domestic trophies.

Master Anand

He is the winner of dance reality show “Dancing Star 2”.

Here you will get all latest updates and news related to Bigg Boss Kannada season 3 2015.

Weekly Summary of Bigg Boss Kannada season 3 2015.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Event Nominations Weekly Task
Captain Nomination Elimination Promotion & Interview
Week 1 Entrances
  • Bhavana Belagere, Chandan Kumar, Huccha Venkat, Jayashree, Kruthika, Madhuri, Master Anand, NC Aiyappa, Neha Gowda, Pooja Gandhi, Pradeepa, Ravi Mooruru, Rehman Haseeb, RJ Nethra and Shruthi entered the Bigg Boss house on Day 1.
  • Tsunami Kitty, Maduri Itagi, Ravi and Kruthika.
House Captain
  • Shruthi
  • Shaanthi kaanthi
  • Huccha Venkat V/S Pooja Gandhi.
  • Started off due to Venkat where he ordered Pooja not to wear western clothes while she told that if he thought that he was her brother then he shoudn’t be bothered about what is below her eyes.
  • Madhuri Itagi
Guest on Stage
  • Priyamani
Week 2 Nominations
  • Tsunami Kitty, Jayashree
  • R J Nethra
House Captain
  • Shruthi
  • Baduku JaTaka BanDi
  • Huccha Venkat punished for not singing. Anand was made to carry Huccha Venkat on him 5 rounds around the pool as punishment.
  • Ravi Mooruru fought with Huccha Venkat for failing on two occasions to complete task
  • Huccha Venkat received special individual 200 points in the Baduku JaTaka BanDi task, since he did highest number of rounds (76).
  • R J Nethra was given secret task to spoil the Baduku JaTaka BanDi task and in turn get immunity for following week. She dropped the knife and broke the rules of the task. She received immunity for Week 3.
  • Jayashree
Guest on Stage
  • Diganth, Aindrita Ray, Chikkanna
Week 3 Nominations
  • Kruthika Ravindra, Neha Gowda, Ravi Mooruru
  • Kruthika Ravindra
House Captain
  • Master Anand
  • aLu arasa (servant-master)
  • Kruthika Ravindra direct nomination from captain. Neha Gowda nominated from the team, second highest votes and also by captain.
  • Huccha Venkat participated in aaLu(slave)-arasa(king) task only when he was arasa and refused to participate when it was his turn to be aalu.[6]
  • Huccha Venkat was asked to keep his father’s slipper on his head.[7]
  • Huccha Venkat ejected for beating Ravi Mooruru.[8]
  • Huccha Venkat
Guest on Stage
  • Chiranjeevi Sarja, Amulya, Ravishankar Gowda
Week 4 Nominations
  • RJ Nethra , Chandan , Neha Gowda , Ravi Moorur
House Captain
  • Rahman Haseeb
  • Ravi Moorur
Guest on Stage
  • Hari Priya


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  • ravindra.s

    Hi deep Sudeep….Am Ravindra.Sureban age 34 from Hubli Karnataka, Working in Bangalore in LAKME leave as Manager Project (Civil, Interior, Electrical etc..) am very much interested to participate in BB. Pls take forward and inform on mail or call [email protected] / 8197240044…

    • banu

      ole job idhkondu y u want to go to big boss mr.ravi

  • Akkruthi

    2015 is the third season of the Kannada reality television series Bigg Boss Kannada.plz nanu e show ge baroke avkasha mdkodi plzz.. i have some problums . maneli problum ada adke plz . im not actor adrunu nim hatra kelkoltidini, nimminda nange new life sigutte nange 50 lak win agodu mukhy alla jivanadalli yenadru sadane madbeku namge mosa madidor munde baduki torsbeku antha chala e show onde avakash erodu adke . im Akkruthi From Gadag. (Uttar Karnataka)

    • vijay kumar

      Big boss is just a show . Its not the only way of life . 😀

    • bakshi

      Re.. Bigboss ella is not suited for common people…its for only celerabties only
      if want do in life do hard work get good job .. matte nin tande and thayi ge khusi ede..
      saak aade en bigboss show genta.. kademe ellaa..

      alli bare 45days or 3months show elli ede.. life ede..

    • Raghu H C

      Yakri hogi hogi nim kasta na ivr atra helkotira, Idela bari kathe ree, common people ge elri chance kodtare hogli normal janru hodre yar TV nodtare. 50lak kodbekadre avr enadru expect madtirtare adana yochane madi.

  • lokesh nagaraj

    Hello nan hesaru lovely lokesh antha.nanage biggboss andhare more than my soul .becoz e show manava janmake bahala holike ide. Idaralli nanu participant agbeku antha andkondiddene. Ivattu athava name ondhu Dina allige bands baruvenu . common man athava celebrity ago one Dina I will meet that house…! Its my dream

  • shilpa dalawayi

    Hi I’m shilpa dalawayi from Hubli Karnataka nan date of broth 17 01 1997 nang age 18 complit agide nang big boss joine agbek anta tumba ase nan jeevandal yenadru sadhane madbeku sir nan family tumbane poor sir adke nanida yeshtagto ashta sahayana nam maneyvarag madbeku sir plz………. Nang one chance kodi sir pls……

    • Raju P C

      Olle matu helidri are avru bari selebrety galigashte chance kodtare.

    • Raghu H C

      Ree mdm Hogi Hogi ivr atra chance kodi antha keltirala idela bari reality show ree just for TRP. Astond price kodoke avrige enadru beku alva, Namanthavru hodre yar TV nodtare. Name fame ilandre enu sigolla.

  • Subhash Sakre

    HI I.m Subhash from gulbarga Karnataka date of birth 26/006/1968 age 47 agide nanagea big boss join agabek anta tumba asa please ondu avakasha koade

  • Raju P C

    Hi sir my name is Raju p c.di:vijayapur tq:muddebihal.ap:basarakod village. Nan age 19.houdu neevu baro selebretygaligashte chance kodtira? Nammanta badavarige enu avakashagalilva? Nangu big bass agli innyavde reality show galige hogbeku anta ashe but chance kodore illa please sir Namanta badavargu help madi idu nanna humble request sir.badavarnu girutisuvanta kelsa madi.please.

  • c R Anand gowda

    Hai sir am Anand gowda age;31 year from chikmagalur nanu big bos sesan 3 gi selectagbodha nangu thumba ahse edie plz namantha prathebegu avkasha kodi plz my number 9480076181

    • chandru

      Naavu big boss ge hogbeku Andre… Controversy madbeku… Celebrity agbeku…. Tumbaaa hard work madbeku….


        Hi sudeep sir my name BHAGYARAJ from channapatna its nice going wit
        big boss 3 and Humble request his investing a lots of money to the
        celebraties its not worth i think better helping poor farmers , blind
        childrens , handicaps may helpful to them .

  • Madhu R

    i wil also come

  • sushma

    Hi sir..My name is Sushma..22year Namdhu Ramanagar..Big boss season 1 and 2 amazing agithu..season 3 kuda aste chenagiruthe antha gothu,,nan ondh request enu andre celebrity galige matra avakasha kodo badhalu nam antha common people gu avakasha kotre inu chennagiruthe..nanu nange chance kodi antha kelthila yaradru badavarige avakasha kodi sir,thumba help aguthe..

    • chandru

      Adu kashta… Trp kadime aago chance iruthe so avru bari celebrity he matra chance kodthare

      • sushma

        TRP ge programs madthare gothu,,already celebrity’s hatra name,fame ella iruthe bigg boss show inda avrige adheradu innu jasthine aguthe.ade common peoples ge opportunity kotre complete agi aldhidru atleast swalpanadru help aguthe alva chandru sir…?

        • Raghu H C

          Ree Sushma namantha Common janru bigboss ge hodre yar nodtare, Avru beku antha TRP goskara madodu reality shows, Ilandidre Hucch venkat anthavrna ella karkond bartaidra, Bekadre Nodi est dina Venkat na Bigboss alli itkotare.

          • sushma

            Adu nijane raghu sir..Yar ayr en madthare?est est dina yar yar irthare antha…

          • Raghu H C

            Bidri Luck idre Neevu yavdadru ond field alli shine agtira Nodi.. yochane madbedi.

          • sushma

            ayyo nanenu yochne madthila sir,,,madodhu illa bidi..

      • banu

        yes, avagle chengirodhu

    • Manu Gowda

      Yes Sushma …..50% celebrity 50% Jana samanyarige sigsbeku

      • sushma

        avru TRP ge madoru common peoples ge chance kodala Manu sir..

    • banu

      nimage kashta antha helo antha avashyakathe ila sushma, ache yeshtu running fields idhe ali ole kelasake try madi

  • banu

    Hi sudeep sir, neevu tere mele bandhare namage ondh tara kushi, nim hair style, nim mathu, nim nagu yela superb. Please nimalli ondu request adh yenu andhare contestant Huccha Venkat nimage respect kottu mathadidhre namage thumba kushi aguthe. being contestant he should respect avaru yentha famous agirbodhu but ashtu dhurankara oledhalla sir.

    • Manu Gowda

      Correct banu

  • mamatha

    Choice some common or famous film actor. Kitti, anand, who are already winners in other show. very much boring. give chance to others

  • harisha

    hi huchha venkat is very good for women , he is realy good manner compare to ather conenstents.

    • banu

      i think thavu huccha venkat tara maneyalli behave women respect kotithakshna avru devaru agola

  • banu

    huccha venkat olenu agirbodhu, women respect kodbodhu, but behaviour ket mathu, yekada anno word use madodhu, yakandhre maneyalli chikka makalu kuda big boss show watch madthare. plz huchha venkat na quit madi. take some other contestants because bore agthaidhe, season 1 tara interest ila sudeep sir, rangayana ragu, avarna, chikkanna, sharan, anthavarana select madi kalsi, because idhu ondu hit show janarige bejaru agbardhu, huchha venkat fans irbodhu, but behaviour sari ila, math mathigu nan crorepati, nam appa crorepati, ache nan huduguru ninna sumane bidolla e tara mathadodhu sari ila.

  • Govind

    Hi sir,My name is Govind,nimmalli nannadondu korike dayavittu inthaha avakashagalannu obba vyaktige pade pade kodo badalu hosabarige kottiddare innu namma rajyada mooleyalliruva hosa pratibeyannu janatege parichaya madikottante agottittu,adre neevu kitti,chandan hagu Anand ivara badalu mooru hosa prathibegalige avakasha kodabahudittu.ekendare kitti eegagale eradu riality showgalalli win aagiddane mattu Anand ondaralli win aagiddane ivarige matte avakasha kodabahuda?

    • banu papu

      yeshtu jana artist idhare avarna kalsbodhithu, kitti boring avan lecture mathu keloke agola. plz big boss yaradhru entertain madorna kalsi, chikkanna is best person.

  • Govind

    ee reality shownalli kannadakkinta hechchagi angla bhasheyannu balasuttare idarinda idannu veekshisuva ellarigu ivaru enu heluttare anta gottagalla,ekendare namma rajyadalli 70% peoples halligalalliddare.

    • banu papu

      yes, its right, avaru kannadadhalli mathanadohage madi big boss.

      • Govind

        Navu kannadadalli macadamia antha helthane ideevi aadre ivru yaru Namma matannu kelsa I’ll.