Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic 2015 Registration Deatils is a leading e-commerce celebrates each and every woman of India, her ethnicity, her roots and her talents, wherever she may reside in the world. She could be your neighbour or your friend, she could be a woman whom you’ve known for years.

Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic is an initiative by – World’s largest Ethnic online store – to discover the Ethnic face and talent of India. It’s a celebration of the identity of the woman. is searching for this ethnic diva of billions. She could be you!

Who can be Craftsvilla Miss Ethnic?

She could be a homemaker who cooks exceptional well; a music teacher or a dancer. She could be a woman who has touched your heart in some way, and even made you proud or humble. Someone representative of our roots, our traditions and ethnicity. She could be you!

There is no bar on Height & Marital status. You must be over 18.


Important Dates :

20 September- Registration Ends

24 September -1st Shortlist

28 September- Miss Ethnic City Announced

30September- Miss Ethnic State & World Announced

9 October- Grand Finale


Get an opportunity to be crowded by Kareena Kapoor and Win total prize worth a crore.

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