Bindass ‘Dream Start’ 2015 Contest Registration Details

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Everyone seeks a great start, that one opportunity which can kickstart the begining of a very exciting journey. ‘bindass Dream Start’ will be that platform that provides you with those opprtunities and experiences. Once every few months we’ll come to you with a new opportunity curated for you to get your Dream Start.

This time around bindass Dream Start gives young India an opportunity to learn music from the masters at KM Music Conservatory : an institute founded by Dr. A.R.Rahman in Chennai.

bindass would pay for the course fees for this three weeklong course in Hindustani/Western music and music technology, at the KM Music Conservatory, Chennai. A stipend of INR 15000 would be given to every student at the end of the course.

All you do is dream. Leave it to us to make it come true!
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