Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 Auditions 2018 & Registration

Star Suvarna Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda is all set to come back as Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 auditions will be announced soon. The show is popular among Kannada viewers and has successfully completed its two seasons. The show is all about tasks performed by young village boys and how they adjust in the city. All the content stats of the show which are selected through auditions by Star Suvarna.

The season 3 of Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 will be hosted by Akul Balaji while the last season of the show was hosted by actor Santhosh. The official announcement about the Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda 2018 start date is not yet confirmed but expected to start in October 2018.

Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 Auditions 2018

Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 Auditions 2018

There is no confirmation about the auditions dates and venues of the Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda Season 3 by the channel but as per sources, the Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda 3 auditions might take place in September 2018. The show is very popular among youths and channel is all set to for the new season of the show.

The reality show will feature the ten guys selected from the rural areas of Karnataka and have to live their life in the city. All the boys will be guided by each girl to complete their tasks. So get ready for the another exciting season of Halli Hayda Pyatege Banda.

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